What Worked

in a month in the life of a senior.

Let's get a job!

Still don't have one. It's fine. Everything is fine.

Let's finish classes!

Adding a minor while still completing a major.

Let's have
some fun!

Sleeping, drinking, and a little friends and family.

Portfolio Development

February 14th: Finished for class
February 15th: Presented project
February 16th: Professor said project was best in class 
March 4th: Came back to campaign to begin preparing to sumbit to competition
March 9th: Got good at After Effects for video
March 10th: Finished new video 
March 12th: Edited everything with new copy
March 12th: Cleaned up campaign 
March 13th: Submitted to Young Ones Competition

February 21st: Finally picked product to work on
February 21st: Came up with campaign idea in a night
February 25th: Created logo
February 26th: Shot commercial
February 28th: Created social media component
March 1st: Finalized project
March 1st: Presented project and got no complaints from a professor that always complains

Amazon Dash Campaign   

March 2nd: Came up with idea

Graphic Design

February 14th: Presented project after pulling all nighter to finish  
February 15th: Watched "Abstract: The Art of Design" which was actually very interesting
February 16th: Class was canceled, got to finish watching the documenary 
February 23rd: Started and finished project
February 28th: Started next project  
March 2nd: Had encouraging meeting with professor
February 17th: Discovered Disney emoji competition  
February 18th: Saw roommate win ballroom dance competition
February 18th: Found out there is such thing as a Jolly Rancher Watermelon Sangeria
February 18th: Went out to the bars with a group of people that surprisingly got along very well
February 19th: Got to sleep in late
February 19th: Discovered an amazing resturant in Boston 
February 19th: Got hair dye
February 20th: Watched a really good movie
February 20th: Actually did laundry
February 20th: Stayed over friend's place for the first time in a while
February 24th: Reminisced on videos from freshman year
February 25th: Took care of some friends
February 25th: All of my roommates got to hang out together
February 26th: Actually got to watch the Oscars
February 26th: Saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while
February 27th: Got to sleep all day
February 27th: Made awesome dinner plans with dad
Feburary 28th: Celebrated
National Panacake Day
March 2nd: TITS (Tavern in the Square)
March 3rd: Best friend spontaneously thanked me for always being supportive of her
March 4th: (Different) friend brought me sushi
March 5th: Got to spend time at home
March 5th: Spent time with mom
March 6th: Went to dinner with dad on his expense account
March 8th: Discovered an amazing design museum 
March 9th: Recovered from NYC Ad Adgency tour
March 9th: Submitted Disney Emoji
March 10th: Hung out with mom for her birthday
March 11th: Had a nice lunch with grandpa 
March 11th: Spontaneous trip to Atlanctic City (not with grandpa)
March 12th: Had a nice dinner with grandma
March 13th: Came back to Boston
March 13th: Saw roommates

Interactive Design

February 16th: Read interesting article for project  
February 17th: Actually woke up early to finish project before class
February 24th: Read interesting book for class 
February 27th: Started coding my own portfolio
March 3rd: Interesting lecture about color on the web
March 13th: Started learning JavaScript 

Direct Study

February 15th: Professor asked for help to get a program started at BU between COM and CFA  
February 22nd: Created Dozza campaign including logo and poster

NYC Ad Agency Tour 

February 21st: Made friends at the orientation  
March 1st: Met CEO of Y&R
March 4th: Friend helps me pick out networking outfits 
March 5th: Cleaned up resume and portfolio
March 6th: Met team at R/GA that created one of my favorite campaigns
March 6th: Toured NYC Google office
March 7th: Toured Firstborn and Oglivy & Mathers 
March 7th: Met the guy that worked on the Ford Superbowl 2017 commerial
March 7th: Successfully made great connections at my first networking event
March 8th: Met the people that work on Charmin and L'Oreal 
March 8th: Asked really good question during Y&R tour because of meeting the CEO
March 10th: Looked into job opportunities from agencies

COM Theory

February 14th: Didn't fall asleep in lecture even though I only got 30 minutes of sleep the night before  
February 22nd: Finally got textbook for class
February 22nd: Began all nighter studying for test 
February 23rd: Ended all nighter studying for test 
February 23rd: Took test and actually knew the material